Monday, April 4, 2011

Different culture between Saudi culture and American culture


When you visit your friend’s new home you may bring a gift or not and it’s could be big or small one it depends what the person used to actually it depends about your culture and that’s what I call it different cultures . Culture symbolizes people’s idem and it’s difference between other cultures . For example Saudi culture is different than American culture , from my experience as a Saudi girl living in United State I realized my culture difference than American culture , like the relationship between family members and how they celebrate in holidays and how they greet each other .

First differences , the Saudi family is usually big and lived with each other and caring about each other until they grow and they still caring about them even if they can take care of them self . On the other hand, American family are small and it’s not common to have a big family and they living and caring about each other with each other until sixteen they move out than they depends on them self and they are not close as close as the Saudis family and every person have his personal life .

Second differences, in Saudi they celebrate the holidays in a different ways . For example in Eed Alfater which comes after Ramadan the go and visit them families and friends and give children money and they celebrating for three days . In America the celebrate the holidays like Xmas they share the gifts and send holidays cards to them families and friends .

Third difference, is greeting and how Saudis and American do it . The way Saudis people greet each other by kissing and hugging, they always greet each other by kissing in the cheeks everyone women with women and men with men and some men the kiss each other on them nose , but in American culture you can’t kiss someone even if it’s close to them.

Every one has his/her own culture and own traditions and it’s ok to be different than other and there is not a good culture or bad one and being different doesn’t mean that one better than the other . For Saudi culture and American culture they are different in how the families caring about each other and how the celebrating in holidays and how the greeting each other and these differences doesn’t mean some of them are right or wrong but this is the traditions and people still stick with it .

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